25 June 2015

Flood ~ June 2015

The week before our region was hit by a flood we'd been going through some National Geographic documentaries on tsunamis, floods and landslides little realising that we'd end up witnessing the last two in reality (again).

A picture or two saves a thousand words. (Just click on the first picture, and then click through for  clearer viewing of each photo).
(I won't include pictures of landslides; even though one of them is rather close to where we live, and has isolated the people who live up that road.  The sound of helicopters going in and out most of the week, as they try to assess and help those stuck up there, is a good sound to hear;  help is being given.)

Photos taken before the flood banks burst:
Our property is high enough that we weren't affected by the water breaching the rivers flood banks, we just had a bit of surface flooding.

Another neighbours cows were more interested in what we were doing than in the rising water :)

The water on the right of the fence is our very flooded drain.  The water to the left is the over flow from the neighbours flooded drain.
Our clever sheep knew where to go, higher up and under cover :-)
Picture sourced from morefm.
A news reporter captured Dn and Daisy investigating the efforts to crane men in to secure the riverboat.  We happened upon this photo by chance :-)
The above shot was taken before the river burst it's banks, and the spot where Dn and Daisy are standing is flooded with water  ...
in the picture below.

After the River Breached the Flood Banks:
Photo taken by Tracey Grant. Found on Stuff NZ 
The entry way into the bottom end of town. Sourced from morefm
The amazing blessing is that no lives were lost in any of the towns hit by flooding this week.

Dn needed to deliver something out of town this week and was confronted with this:
What was a road way is now a lake.  Picture taken by Dn

And going back the other way has it's hazards too!  Picture taken by Dn.

Needless to say, next week we've decided to side step watching any more dvd's in the natural disaster series.


DeliveringGrace said...

Wow, that is really dramatic. I hope that you can get everything restored to normal quickly.

Chelle said...

It does feel rather surreal here - and thanks, we're all hoping for the same!

reader19 said...

Oh my! I've prayed for you all each day; but will start to include your animals now too. How have all your critters fared? I have missed this news and didn't know you all had flooded. I'll be praying harder, friend. Be careful out there!!!

Chelle said...

We are some of the very fortunate; all our critters (!!) and properties are fine. (No need to worry about us at all) It's other portions of town, inc the Central Business District, that have taken a huge hit.
Praying for you, dear friend, as you all work like busy beavers. What you've achieved so far is amazing!!!! ♥