22 December 2014

Pet Post ~ Delight Led Science Projects

Pictures of some of our delight led science projects for this year.
One of Jay's racing pigeons with it's squabs
The squabs come inside for regular handling
Young pigeons require lots of handling - they have razor sharp talons and poop lots, hence the towel
One of Jay's poults hatching
3 newly hatched poults - Bronze Crested and Australian White cross
Tilly, and the poults she hatched
Tilly and all the poults roosting
Jay's turkeys, Pearl (Poppy's behind the bush) and Titus McPerky with Leroy
Pearl.  Jay's beyond-friendly Australian White.  She loves to be petted
Daisy's new Wiltshire sheep. Abah-ram has just start to shed
Both ewes are now with lamb :)

Daisy's calves (front to back): Peppermint, Cocoa, Cookies n Cream


Lorna said...

How lovely to see those photos! :)

reader19 said...

Yay!!! What a treat to see your critters! I have already looked at them three times! Boy, you have a lovely set-up with your animals! I am so happy for you!!! The only problem, is that now I want to visit with even more zeal! Thanks so much for sharing those pictures. So interesting to see the grass and land of NZ...almost feels like I'm there! Sending you a big hug!

Chelle said...

@ Lorna, what a nice surprise to see you 'here'
Much love to you all!!!!

Chelle said...

@ Tracy, I've been wanting to post the critters up for you to see ♥
You'd have a ball here; so many out door spots to immerse oneself in.
hugs and hot tea right back to you :~)