20 November 2014

Robert Burns ~ Scottish Poet

We like to delve into the life of the poets behind their poetry and we ended up taking an unplanned delight led trip with Robbie Burns this year after Dn came out of his office quoting Man Was Made to Mourn
While Robbie Burns scarcely lived the sort of life we admire -  he's an integral part of Scottish history and a poet I was going to have a quick look at while we studied the French Revolution, next year ...... 
This documentary, put out by the BBC,  details all the untamed passions Burns gave free reign to in his life and is a secular documentary... gifts and callings are surely without repentance - recommending previewing before showing to your children.  (We skipped some portions )

And a well read play list hosted on youtube.

Wondering how others approach their poetry studies - other than the obvious route of reading the poetry and creating the odd copywork or notebooking page?


reader19 said...

Thanks for this post! I am searching for Ancients ideas; but ended up reading a lot of everything! This post shows the documentary from BBC on poet Burns, and this would be a great add-in since most of my poetry books are boxed up. I didn't know about the last link, where they have poems read well aloud---nice! Thanks so much for all the help you provide on your blog! I use it often, but still think if I could just stop by your house and have you walk me through how you homeschool, that I would do a much better job of it! If only you lived closer!!!! (or I had ample money to fly!)

Chelle said...

It's good to know that you can find some ideas to reinvent Tracy.
The It would be great to live closer ☺ but truly: the things you are putting together to homeschool your dd is the better job! You're custom making your dd's educational bits n pieces to suit your family.
Keep up the good work Tracy.