25 August 2014

Free Audio Books from Naxos

Here is a link for the current free audiobooks from Naxos: Current MB4 Downloads
Titles are:
Famous People In History, Volume 1
Northanger Abbey ~ Austen
The Call of the Wild ~ London
And for those going through any of Charles Dickens works ( British Literature), you may want to check out the podcast links here


reader19 said...

So great to see a post by you, Chelle! Thanks for the links! Praying for you each day, dear friend!

Chelle said...

Thanks Tracy, appreciating your friendship and prayers very much!
And doing the same for you.

reader19 said...

Thanks for those links...today I got to hear part of one of my favorite Dickens---Little Dorrit! Thank you so much!

I'm enjoying your posts very much!
Much affection, love, and prayers for you!