26 August 2013

Our Week Ahead - 26th August

Turning over the schedule pages yesterday, it was so encouraging to see just 10 weeks of scheduled history left to enjoy... and to see all the signs of spring creeping into our environment.

Here is the line up for this week ... and it is to be noted we often use a buffet approach to our reading material: We leave the books out on the coffee table, along with other titles not mentioned here, and the children select the ones they wish to read.

Hebrews 5-7

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13 (Credo/SL)
Hymn: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling 
(traditional: clip 1
contemporary: clip 2 )

History & Geography:
Rise of Rome etc.., Celtic Tribes -  week 27

Biblioplan Companion Text (Ch:26 Rome) Map Work
The Romans ~ Burrell,    Sections 1-3, &5
The Invaders ~ Burrell,    The Celts pg4-20
Famous Men of Rome: Romulus to Coriolanius (some to read, some  via audio)
(car time Audio: SOTW 1 Ch:27-28)

Kingfisher,  pgs 34-35, 66-69,
Glencoe World History,  Rise of Rome pg 148-155 (over 2 weeks)
Invitation to the Classics ~ Cowan (continue)
Reader: Warrior Scarlet ~ Sutcliff (900 yrs before Christ)
Extra: Roman Ship (Model & Book) ~ Candle Discovery Series 

UILE, 182-184. 188-189A
The Ancient World pgs 36-38, 44-45
Reader:  Book basket selection
Audio series: Roman Mysteries ~ Lawerence (some mature themes, recommend pre-listening)
Extra: Explore the Bible Sticker Book (complete) 
Family Read Aloud
Cyrus the Persian ~ Nagel … a flash back read ;)
This book is a riveting read and yet for those with sensitive children you will need to edit out some of the content... especially the portion on pgs 98-101  - the revenge killing of a young prince, it's awful!

Language Arts:
Prep: WWS 1 – reading through the instructors guide with mum to see what the required outcomes are for the research portion of WWS.

Dictation: from science reader : Exploring the Earth
Write from history summaries/outlines created during the week.
Review: all spelling rules (necessary ;) )
Grammar: RnS 6 continue
Friday Fun: Wordly Wise 3000 Games, and, Scrabble

Writing: WWE3, week 28, and, 1 level outlines in history
Spelling: AAS4 next lessons
Grammar: RnS 4 continue
Friday Fun: Wordly Wise 3000 Games, and, Scrabble

Khan Academy
(just loving the new allocation feature!! Bobs works delight led through many topics and this new feature makes it so easy to assign some topics that ‘need’ extra work)
LOF Geometry (review)
Friday fun: TGC Secrets of Mental Math 
Practical: Bobs is helping Dn to build a shed for a digger.

Khan Academy,
LOF Mineshaft
Friday fun: Math game and continuing review with Mum in TGC Math.
Practical: Sewing a skirt, and, Baking with mum.

Me J:
-Reviewing math topics with some TGC downloads, 
-still reading through Dr. Wright’s KitchenTable Math books    
(these are excellent books!.... and yes Eliz, I am recommending them :D)
-and, trying to get *my* head around Introduction to Number Theory,   in the hopes of luring Bobs in.  He remains steadfastly disinterested.
-Biology 101 DvDs, continue with “Day 5”
Science Readers:
The World of Biology ~ Tiner (Bobs) 
Human Anatomy & Physiology ~ Fulbright (Daisy)  
Raising huhu grubs through to huhu bug stage :D (pictures to follow in a later post)
Our chick eggs start hatching on Wednesday.
About to incubate goose eggs.

Fallacy Detective  (together)

Model Building

Logic based games


reader19 said...

That Tiner book: World of Biology - looks fantastic!!! I want to read it myself!! I've seen his other 2 books; but not this one-thanks for sharing it or I would not have known it was even out there!

Hugs from Indiana!

Chelle said...

it's a very interesting book Tracy, and has sparked a few delight led rabbit trails for Bobs.

I always love finding comments from my dear friend in Indiana here
{hug} right back to you!!!