07 January 2013

Wanting to learn Scripture as Songs? free downloads

We are wanting to memorise longer passages of scripture during 2013 with our (later) logic level children.
I've looked at, & downloaded, Credo which is scheduled into Sonlight's Core 6/G instructors guide but since we are not using Sonlight's schedule and we needed enough scripture in song to memorise, during a solid 39 weeks of scheduled ancients learning,  it was time to start scouting around.

We needed more scripture songs, than the four  three we will be learning with Credo:
The Ten Commandments ~  Exodus 20:1-17,
My Son Do Not Forget ~  Prov 3:1-12,
The Resurrection and the Life ~ John 11:25-26
Love Never Fails  ~ 1 Corinthians 13.
We were also hoping to find some songs for scriptures we really wanted to learn - and just to make it a little harder, we prefer to memorise either KJV or NKJV scripture with lovely music ☺

I found a site, via my youtube searching, that meets our requirements perfectly!

The downloads are free  (with any free will donations being gratefully accepted, I'm sure ☺) .


Chareen said...

oh thank you so very much for this. Wow that is fantastic.

reader19 said...

Thank you so much for sharing the music links! I am enjoying them now! Enjoy the sunshine for me--I'm covered in snow!

Chelle said...

you are both so welcome.
I thought the link was just too lovely/uplifting to not share ... and after only 2 days of casually listening to Isaiah 40 (They That Wait on the LORD) I've learnt a HUGE chuck of that portion of scripture: so encouraging ☺

The sunshine is being fickle today (!) here, but I'm sure we are a whole lot warmer than where you are!!
hoping you're managing to get a ton of reading done during your snow filled days!