07 November 2012

World War II - Five in a Row & A Chapter Book

This is little bit of a retro post, since technically we are past reading focusedly about WWII. 
Bobs is not past it, and is still reading any WWII era book he'd like to.  He's currently enjoying The Seabees of World War Two by Commander Edmund Castillo.

Back to the subject listed in our title .....
Daisy & I both adore well crafted picture books, so any opportunity is a good enough reason to recommend some of our favourites - this post is one of them.

There are a few FIAR books that are wonderful WWII go along titles:
All Those Secrets of the World, and, Hanna's Cold Winter are two of them.

A visit to a war museum, and then the zoo, with the last title seems mandatory - especially when one adds in the chapter book by Michael Morpurgo, An Elephant in the Garden. ☺ 
Set in Germany, in 1945.  Elizabeth, Karli and their mum are in Dresden when the Allies begin bombing the city.  It's hard enough to flee a ruined city while avoiding approaching Russian troops through snow-covered terrain.... then add an elephant to that mix ☺

It makes for perfect go-along chapter book with the FIAR picture book Hanna's Cold Winter.


DeliveringGrace said...

We like "All those secrets of the world" but aren't familiar with the other two books-must look them out. "The Silver Sword" is also set in post Second World War Europe. You might enjoy that too.

Chelle said...

Thanks SarahElisabeth.
You're right! Silver Sword is a great European WWII tie-in...

I employed some help with our WWII reading pile - a while back - and we enjoyed silver sword via audio.

Thanks for stopping by & idea sharing!