16 October 2012

Our Week Ahead -~ October 15 2012

This is our proposed week, starting October 15 2012

Chapter 35: The Cold War
Chapter 36: Struggles and Assassinations

No history outlines this week (our writing focus is all on WWS lessons this week)

We’ve already covered a good amount of material - books & documentaries – on The Space Race, & the assassination of John F. Kennedy so we won’t be pausing for further study on either of those topics ... but we sure seem to be talking up a storm about those topics☺

Read Alouds:
The Endless Steppe, our read aloud of the past two weeks, just wasn’t getting done thanks to too many other commitments which interrupted our ability to sit down and just read  - so we pulled out the audio version.

We’ve enjoyed having someone read this book to us - and completed the audio today - and pressed pause a time or five to discuss some of the content.  We all enjoy learning together like that.
While listening to The Endless Steppe the science of relations was really at work as Esther Hautzig invests in references to classic opera, poets and other literary works throughout the book!

Bobs was delighted to hear the author becoming acquainted with the works of Dumas (along with Shakespeare, Twain, London, etc..) as he is currently going through Alexandre Dumas’  The Three Musketeers.

Again, lots of discussion going back and forth over The Endless Steppe and some of the topics we've talk through have been - why we pray to God, others using fortune telling cards to "get" the future one thinks they want, following and obey instructions (from our parents) for our own safety and protection, making snap judgements about others without and we have yet to met them, & etc...

I’ll be starting The Family Nobody Wanted, by Helen Doss, sometime this week. The book is our switch in title for the dropped Cheaper by the Dozen.

Daisy: Catching Their Talk in a Box. This was actually a read aloud left over from Core 2/C.
Bobs: He has yet to finish Snow Treasure and will then start It’s a Jungle Out There.

review and then the next lesson in MMM for Daisy.
Khan Academy for Bobs, & review.

Language Arts
AAS – review
The next lessons in WWS for Bobs & WWE3 for Daisy
We’re aiming to complete 2 lessons a day in Rod & Staff – very doable when it’s done orally with mum.

For the Next 4 weeks:
Great is Thy Faithfulness – Amazing Grace book, pg 14.

Sergei Prokofiev Unit 15 (1891-1953).
Collection for children

Igor Stravinsky Unit 14 (1882-1971)

I’ll create a separate post about the audio books we have lined up to enjoy in the days leading up to our last week of scheduled schooling for the year - which is the 2nd week in December. 
That is just seven weeks (!) of literature based learning for us to enjoy & complete.

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