06 September 2012

Audio Books ~ Includes our current list

It should be noted we are not adverse to visiting any era of history, or genre, outside the history topics we are studing when it comes to most of our audio book time listening.
We like to, try to, allocate time most days to enjoying delight led projects, and to have an interesting audio book to listen to at the same time makes the delight led moments even more enjoyable.

Someone asked how we get time to listen to so many audio books, along with ALL the reading the children do. 
Here are some of the how to's ☺:
1:  We are non-TV watchers, by choice.
2:  The children have limited, to no time - yes, you did read that right ☺-  on the computer, for fun, during a schooling week.
3:  Listening to a *good* audio book is an at leisure time activity for us.
(The children also listen to audio stories at bed time and while we do household chores during the day , & etc ....).
4:  We listen while we drive long distances, or wait at the ortho-dentists   :-/

An audio book listening bonus is Bobs and Daisy get to witness mum intentionally gifting time to "mother craft" while we audio book along - for me, that is an important facet .
In addition, I also like to listen to talks and lectures geared for homeschooling, and christian womanhood while I clean the house/work outside - they really help to keep me refreshed and encouraged!!
But that is a whole *other* topic.

We've lined up the following audio stories our for enjoyement:
The Perilous Road (US Civil War)
The Silver Sword (WWII)
William -  The Pirate (humour)  ☺
Tom Sawyer Abroad  (Childhood Classics)

Vets Might Fly  (WWII )
(**Dn pre-screened this & declares Bobs won't be listening in to a non-editable version of this story.)

Spiderweb for Two.  A Melendy Maze (for Daisy, thought we'll listen in too)
Royal Escape.  Charles II  (for Bobs though we'll listen in too)

Dn was gifted with a good amount of credits to be used at audible for his birthday, & Fathers day (what a great gift!);  the above are some of the choices we all had fun selecting, along with Dn's choices☺

Audible can get expensive and I can only onsell so many books to pay for our listening habit ... so downgrading to paying a $9 subscription, per year, is much more manageable. 
And one can upgrade again at any given point.


DeliveringGrace said...

I've just reread The Silver Sword and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm planning to get my 12 year old to read it soon.
Must get some more audio books-this is an area where we are a bit light perhaps because I prefer reading to listening to books?

Chelle said...

I too, prefer reading to listening.

Yet I've found being able to have someone read extra, engaging whole books to us while we do other things is a great second.

Hoping you find a way to include audio books into your space, if that option looks like it will be a benefit for your family ☺

reader19 said...

We LOVE the Melendy family! So glad to see you all do too! I'm in the mood for a Melendy book about now, with the Civil War books beginning!