17 August 2012

What's Left to Read in 2012

I've been sorting through our history schedule and the books we would like to have read, this year.

It's August already and  Spring-is-nearly-here fever seems to have hit our home, which inevitably makes me start wondering are we going to met the self imposed dead line I've set for us with our learning schedule?
Or: Am I going to need to cull n clear some of the reading list so that we have a more realistic work load - before we greet christmas ☺ and pack away another years books, folders and notebooking pages?

I've gone back and combined a few more chapters of SOTW4 into a weeks reading, tossed a few books into the summer reading pile, put others away as previously read, or just shelved titles to be read - another year.
We do want to be doing other things, besides reading, as the weather becomes warmer ....
Here's what we're left with, which is very doable:

The letter represents a 4-5 week reading stretch until we get to the last letter, I, which is only 2-3 weeks.

Family Read Alouds:
The House of Sixty Fathers SL5
NZ H: 1936 Enemy at The Gate

Daisy’s Readers
Thimble Summer R4 3/4 (S)
H: Ghandi Biography
The Hidden Jewel Amy C. Church Reader
FIAR Grandfather’s Journey
Blue Willow ~ Gates SL 100
Usborne Reader – Hitler
Aust /H: Healing Warrior
Silent Bells

Bobs’ Readers
The Good Master
The Singing Tree
H: Ghandi Biography
Eric Liddell: Something Greater Than Gold SL5 Church Reader
A Year Down Yonder SL100
H: Biog - Hitler

Family Read Alouds:
Sadako & the 1000 Paper Cranes 5R
H: Hiroshima ~ Yep (opt)
Miracle on Maple Hill RA4 3/4 (post war) Audio opt
The Family Nobody Wanted ~ Helen Doss

Daisy’s Readers
Winston Churchill Biography
FIAR All Those Secrets of the World
1: The Little Riders  RA2   or    2: 10 & 20  RAK
Henry’s Red Sea ~ Smucker (Russia)
NZ H: Soldier of the Yellow Socks ~ Marriot
In the Year of the Boar & Jackie Robinson R4 ¾
The Rat Catchers Son SL 5 (Start. Read out aloud)
Catching Their Talk in A Box RA2

Bobs’ Readers
1: Emil & The Detectives   or   2: Midway Battle for the Pacific
H4: Usb. World Wars 1939-1945
Henry’s Red Sea ~ Smucker (Russia)
Snow Treasure R7
NZ H: Soldier of the Yellow Socks ~ Marriot
(read here) Journey to Joburg RA5
It’s a Jungle Out There R7

Family Read Alouds:
Opt 1960 Torches of Joy SL5 PNG
Escape to the Jungle (SIM stories) start reading here
In Search of the Source 3/4
Shadow Spinner RA5 (read here)

Daisy’s Readers
Plain Girl R4 ¾
Blind Flight
The Seventeenth Swap ~ McCraw R4

Bobs’ Readers
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. B.F  R100  Audio opt
Kensuke’s Kingdom ~ Morpurgo (Japan)

Star of Light R5
Homeless Bird R7 (India)

Family Read Alouds:
The Breadwinner R7
A Long Walk to Water SL5

Daisy’s Readers
Gone Away Lake RA4  opt: not 3/4

Bobs’ Readers
Ali & The Golden Eagle ~ Grover R5

After that it will surely be time for our Christmas themed reading .... and some leisurely biscuit baking ;-)


Anonymous said...

I bet you chortled while you typed Christmas.
Bad ;-)

love Eliz

Chareen said...

great list of books :)

reader19 said...

I so enjoy visiting with you, here on your blog. I also have a question today. Do you know if we are or are not allowed to say what Sonlight books we are reading b/c of any legal rules?

Does this question make any sense? On my blog, when I put in an entry that stays we are on week 2, and these are the books we are reading-- is that illegal? Couldn't someone who hasn't bought SL's IG read my blog and deduct which books to read and in which order?

Should I be concerned with that? Does that ever concern you?

Any advise for me regarding that?

I just wonder sometimes if I am breaking the law somehow and not even aware!

Your blog looks great. I don't see you doing this--you have so much NZ and other various add-in's no one would even think you had a similar problem...But, I just worry about mine on certain weeks that I just cover SL.

Just thought I would ask!

Chelle said...

My dear friend, reader19,

Personally I don't think you are violating any "SL sharing" laws .. you are just mentioning what you are reading each week in your home, with no defining details of the exact chapters in each book, as outlined in the IG.
You're not sharing the IG notes, questions, or maps.

Just a thought ....if someone was wanting to do things the SL way, without purchasing an IG, I'm sure there are easier ways to go about it than trawling through all those wonderful posts you create (LOVE them!!) about what you are doing in your HS week, alongside the SL books. (An older catalog gives that information very succinctly).
Sharing the exact (!!) details, as per the IG, would be a violation.

I'm not sure about sharing the SL week bit, and what you are reading in it. Again my thought is that without the IG, you are just a bunch of books you're reading each week.
If it continues to bother you, perhap pop over & ask Sonlight?

I think more than hindering a person from purchasing Sl your posts encourage one to purchase, & use Sonlight.
Your blog is very pro SL and is ongoing free advertising for them!!

Hope that helps in some way.

with much affection,

rachaelnz said...

Hi Chelle,
Thanks for leaving a message on my very neglected blog. I just don't have the head space for blogging right now. I guess 5 kids + one on the way are filling my days! We are expecting another boy, and I just realised the other day we will have teenage girls and toddler/pre-school boys at the same time :-s Well, many others have done it! I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to go about high school, how to get the older girls into uni easily if that's what they want to do. We're leaning towards sitting Cambridge exams at the moment, although I am also feeling the pull back to a more CM education, which I know I have been getting slack at ...any ideas?? I know yours are probably too young for you to be thinking about uni, but there are not many fellow CMrs who understand the difficulty of getting into NZ uni without the expected qualifications.