15 March 2012

Using a Hybrid form of Sonlight ?

If you enjoy using a hybridised version of Sonlight, like us, you might appreciate the heads up that SL is about to launch their new IGs.
The vast majority of SL's cores will now include language arts and bible along with incremental notes detailed for a weeks work of reading at time.

Personally I don't mind Bible or LA's being included in the IGs as we just ignore that portion in Core 7/H and use a LA's approach that works for our children.

The portion of the new IG's that I don't like is that each book's notes - bible reading, history books, Read Alouds, and Readers have been broken down into incremental notes so that the notes match up *perfectly* to the scheduled readings for each day of that week.
No problem if you like to use Sonlight exactly the way Sonlight will now be prescribing it (in a spoon fed fashion ☺ - read this far & no further).
That is normally not a realistic approach for most families, that I know, that use a literature based approach to learning in their homes - life happens and books get put aside, or people like to read faster or slower with the different books detailed on SLs schedules.
No more tucking a complete set of each books notes inside the book you're currently reading either, or have given to the children to read.

The new IGs look like a SL note mess just waiting to happen in our home, so .... I'm proposing to purchase an IG well in advance, with it's book notes supplied the way it has been set up for the last few years; detailed as a full set of individualised book notes seperate from everything else.
(we start back with Ancients in 2013).

So for the SL mums that work similiarly to us, and don't frequent the Sonlight Forums it may pay for you to take yourself over to Sonlight's site and compare the difference between the two Core samples they have up for the new IGs, and request the 3 weeks worth samples from the current (soon to be the old IGs).

Be sure to check out Sarita's explanation (scroll to the end of this page) for why they've change the IGs.
You may really be excited about the new look, or want to purchase, a soon to be, old IG. It's just nice have an option to do either.
Purchasing through SL closes after April 1 (US time)

** I'll only be leaving this *heads up* post up until April first - then the details won't be necessary any more


Anonymous said...


Eliz :-(

Luke Holzmann said...

Yep, this is absolutely something we talked about as we discussed the changes. Glad you are able to get the tools that will work best for your family.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up.
Makes promoting SL even less of a shiny option for me.
Laughing at your restraint Eliz.
emed you both.


Anonymous said...

Chelle can you leave this post up it's really helpful.
Thanks for the help you give us NZ Sonlighters
MM <3