19 March 2012

Our Week Ahead ~ Starting 19/3/2012

Here is our proposed week ahead, starting Monday 19 of March 2012
Family Read Aloud
Heroes of Faith: David Livingston (Core 5)

My R/A’s to Bobs & Daisy
Anna & the King (Core 7)
The End of the Harbour ~ Locke (NZ History)

Bobs Readers
Sing Down the Moon (nearly completed)(Core 4R)
Shining River ~ Dallas (NZ hist – Gold Fush)

Daisy’s Readers
Continue with Laura Ingalls Wilder series
A String of Gold Nuggets
, and, A Trip With My Father ( NZ History)

World History
SOTW 4, Chapt 4: Resurrection & Rebellion
(no story of the world history outlines this week)

New Zealand & Australian History
DvD Our Heritage ~ NZ ( next session)
The NZ Wars ~ Calman ( Taranaki pg 14-19, &, Waikato pg 20-29)
Illustrated History of NZ (Gold pg 42-45, &, Wars pg 48-51)
DvD Burke & Willis Expedition (Australian History)

Both: Lessons in LOF & Making Math Meaningful
Work out how to play The New Zealand Investments Game

Bobs: WWS, RnS (grammar orally with mum), Poetry, AAS rules
Daisy: WWE, RnS ( grammar some orally/some written), Poetry, AAS

Proposing to ramp this subject back up for Bobs and Daisy to enjoy “our way”. I set a space in our schedule for the DC to do science and they work independently in this subject.
Using Apologia Human Anatomy, et al, this year.
(Though it should be noted that DS has taken a left turn and is currently studying how to cultivate his own Cacti garden - looks like a trip to the garden shop is imminent )

Continue with Mark Kistler 8 min drawing exercises (most days)
(I haven’t worked out where/how to fit Artistic Pursuits in this year??)

Continue with Visual Latin.

Fine Arts for next 4 weeks
Hymn: What Friend we Have in Jesus ~ Scriven (Amazing Grace Bk pg56)
Composer: Stephen Foster.
Picture Study: ??

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