24 March 2012

Math in March

Bobs is enjoying the mix we use for math, Making Math Meaningful (David Quine) and Life of Fred.
Sometimes we hit a bump in the teaching road, or I need to do some study ahead to refesh myself on how a concept is taught and then Khan Academy is my best buddy.

Just thought I'd drop a refresher post in here about that excellent site, as others may forget about it as often as I used to. I don't forget it any more ☺

Both children are signed up with me as a coach. (It pays to make sure you set that side of Khan Academy up properly, with each student using a seperate email account (one of their own) to the one we "educators" will use to log on to Khan Academy, and then selecting yourself as the coach on each student's profile).

I set up a "dummy address" for myself, and Bobs, on gmail, and daisy is using my homeschooling email address.

Khan has a create a "galaxy" rewards system (learn to collect items) which both children appreciate!

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