04 December 2011

Part 2: Unfounded Expectations and Completing this Year's Work


The children have finished their math and language arts requirements for this year - at their request, I condensed the last part of the lessons in their math books and agreed that if they could get the set amount of math problems all right to go with each topic (no mistakes) we could continue to move at a much quicker pace.
Bobs wanted to complete the remainder of his MMM book as there are rewards that go with completing homeschool books in our home. (Computer time credits, pizza and a rental movie)
Daisy who is just as focused to collect her rewards spent the last 6 home educating days completing her MMM book ..... in her spare time ☺

I've decided we will come back in the new year to revisit the topics on New Zealand history covered in SOTW3 with more detail and a New Zealand flavoured telling of these portions of history.

Laughing a little here .... New Zealanders do NOT listen to Jim Weiss reading this chapter of SOTW3; he very inventively reconstructs the maori pronunciation!! The children thought it was really funny: me-or-e for maori and why- tan- gee for Waitangi. He very obviously made this recording before his visit to New Zealand. ☺
I had the children read set chapters out of our NZ history book : Builders of NZ, instead.

Along with the last lesson to cover in SOTW3 we have one more Sonlight book, By the Great Horn Spoon, to read - time to employ a handy dandy audio book.
For those interested there are two choices (we're listening to the first) :
By the Gread Horn Spoon, read by Kayray (free audio book)
or a paid version By The Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman, Narrated by Willard E. Lape, Jr, the Full Cast Family

Despite - what felt like - our shuffley hodge-podge working style this year we are closing out our Core 3/SOTW3 run embracing a sense of achievement rather than a sense of failure due to tasks not done as originally hoped or planned - in a nut shell, it's me just letting go of my unfounded expectations.

(It's taken me 3 weeks to get here and get this post ready for sharing - every time I come back the details have changed again ☺
It may take me a while to get back here to post again -I have a ton of links and things I'm wanting to post about, including our substitute text now that ALL has be shoved to the back burner - right now though we're decluttering, onselling and packaging-n-posting (!!!) a pile of homeschool items and attending end of the year practises and concerts, and .... getting ready for Christmas.

In the meantime though...
Praying that we may all make the time to pause and peacefully count the many blessings we are gifted with.
Blessings to each of my dear friends and fellow homeschoolings.
~Chelle~ )


Julie said...

Hi Chelle! I love your chart to merge SOTW3 and SL Core 3. I will definitely be utilizing this. I have a question, though. Did you use part of SOTW3 in SL core 2 (C)? SOTW2 only goes through week 23 or so (as far as I scheduled it). I was thinking of just taking a break from sotw for the last 12 weeks of our year, but I LOVE SOTW and don't want to break. Wondering what you did?

Chelle said...

Hi Julie,
What we did was use SOTW as our spine for each year. So the year we did SOTW2 we took just the SL core 2 history based books and merged them into SOTW. Which means that some of the topics covered in Core 2 with CHOW are covered in SOTW3 & even in SOTW4. (Crimean war and Queen Vic)
Some SL moms just use a SOTW book each year alongside Cores 1,2,3,4 (or whatever letter they are now ☺) and don't worry about matching them up exactly.
A hslaunch mom created the schedule ( http://www.hslaunch.com/mypage/file/3404 ) to go with SOTW2 and many of the SL books.
We used homeschool tracker and didn't save the schedule we created.
HTHs in some way.
Just let us know if we can help further.