18 October 2011

Nature Studies ~ Spring

We're well into spring here and I keep meaning to enjoy another of Barb's, from Handbook of Nature, Outdoor Hour Challenges.

I may just get Bobs and Daisy to select which one/s of Barb's topics they'd like to do. We purchased the pdf last (?) year but for others wanting to join in, the free selections are listed here: Spring: Nature, Music and Art Studies

We haven't been very faithful to record our efforts as the whole episode becomes 'adventure driven with a camera and referring to guide books later". We may start out with the best of intentions to do trees and get very distracted by birds, especially if they have young ones .... ☺. For us, this means the outing was still a success: We became enthralled by another facet of God's beautiful creation ..... and the unused sheets of paper get put quietly back in the file.

I love this kind of science!!

Adding also for other C.M, nature studying New Zealanders:
We tend to prefer using, what I call the NZ addition to Anna Comstock's Nature Study book, Nature Study By D. Beggs as our reference.  The book is O.O.P and was originally used in New Zealand schools (years back!!!). 
I'll get myself organised enough at some point to generate a more complete post about this book.

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Anonymous said...

Your family do some really fun hands on science.
I'm entertaining mimicing your new eating plants one.