13 October 2011

Dolphins, Art, and New Zealand Literature

Monday art time became a very simplified moment this week. The rest of our art 'class' was off enjoying a much needed term break (we've already had ours). Bobs and Daisy elected to do one pencil sketching and be done.

The instructions for sketching these dolphins can be found via an 8 minute lessons, off Mark Kistler's School of Imagination.

And. Not to miss a New Zealand tie-in moment, I pulled out two quick-to-read NZ dolphin story books. Bobs enjoyed revisiting Pelorus Jack, which Daisy also read along with Opo the Happy Dolphin. Literature doesn't always have to be at the top end of our childrens reading ability, especially when other lessons on the same day are of the heavier/intense variety. Some times a picture based book will fill the spot for us just as well. ☺

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