09 September 2011

Story of the World 4 ~ Chapt 14 & a free Russian Tales tie-in

The title of chapt. 14 is The Next-to-Last Czar of Russia but we'd like to rabbit trail when we get there and allow that chapter to become a small leaping off point for Russian Fairy Tales with Russian history, and, Jewish immigration to Ellis Island.

2012 is approaching faster than I'd like and now seems like a good a time as any to start tweaking our history learning schedule into line.

To help soften some of the harsher realties in SOTW4 I'm starting to compile cushioning for Daisy. While the audio, Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome, may seem geared more to youngers, Daisy and I will enjoy listening to it together since we like other cultures select fairy tales.

We'll also pencil in another read through The Memory Coat by Elvira Woodruff because, along with the story line, the illustrations in this book are just exquisite - a perfect opportunity for us to work on sepia ink-wash illustrations of our own.


Anonymous said...

Cushioning is a good move. SOTW4 can get pretty heavy for a 9 (?) year old with all the wars and political machinations.
in.cog mom

Chelle said...

agreeing with your comment in.cog mom ... and our youngest will be 10 :-)