12 September 2011

Owls & Delight Led Learning

We started listening to an audio book about owls a while back (I'm a little loath to mention the title here as the rest of the series has some content in it that just does not sit well in my "gizzard" {smile} yet despite that fact the children and I have become very interested in owls!

Even though we were taking a much needed mid term break last week Bobs has been leading his own delight led study about owls … one with NO writing.

Below is some of his delight led learning list. I've streamlined the items for this post.
Owls in the Family (Canadian) by Farley Mowat (Tie-in Reader)
He's also picked up Apologia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day as a "sip read" (He and Daisy got quite put out at the hungry sailors eating the friendly Dodo bird!).

Reference reads:
Bird Songs from Around the World by Les Beletsky (a gift from Aunty S (-: )
DK Picturepedia Birds pgs 42-43 (though Bobs & Daisy are reading all the book)
Since we hear a ruru often in our back yard, it was time to look on line at NZ's owl, the morepork:
New Zealand Owl, Ruru (morepork)
Ruru - pictures and sound clip
Classification details
Morepork ~ Ninox novaeseelandiae Picture

Other owl photos he archived - just beautiful!
A: Barn Owl
B: Great Horned Owl
C: Burrowing Owl
D: Greater Sooty Owl
E: Whiskered Screech Owl
F: Masked Owl
G: Elf Owl
H: Snowy Owl
I: Northern Saw-whet Owl
J: Spotted Owl
K: Pygmy Owl
L: Short Earred Owl
M: Brown Fisher Owl
N: Western Screech Owl
O: Great Grey

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