05 June 2011

Our History Plan So Far

Our History Plan So Far

Using Story of the World as our main spine we basically took about three and a half , nearly four, years to do the first two books in the series adding in extra side trips, many audio books, DvD's & picture books, along with hands-on things for one DC (and sanity restoring stops for mother ).

I'd take the same length of time again, with our DC at those ages - it worked well for our DFam even though it means we will only be doing 2 complete cycles through Hist.
And since we get asked what we have actually done with our children and at what ages .....here's that list, which also includes our current year, 2011, and next years, 2012, plans:History Cycle for Jay:
2005 & 2006
Prek & Core K (SL) & FIAR (Geography & Cultures) (ages 5&6)

2007 & 2008 SL Core 1 & SOTW1 (Ancients) (ages 7&8)

2009 & 2010 SL Core 2 & SOTW 2 (Middle Ages) (ages 9&10)

2011 Customised SL Core 3, 1/2 of SL Core 7, & SOTW3, with some geography (Early Modern Times) (age 11)

2012 Customised SL Core 4, other 1/2 of SL Core 7, & SOTW4, with some geography (Modern Age) (age 12) History Cycle for Daisy:
2006 FIAR & Listening in to part of Core K (Geography & Cultures) (age 4)

2007 & 2008 Some of SL Core 1 & SOTW1 (Ancients) – LOTS of picture based books (ages 5&6)

2009 & 2010 Some of Core 2 & SOTW 2 (Middle Ages) - LOTS of picture based books (ages 7&8)

2011 Customised Core 3, & SOTW3, with some geography (Early Modern Times) – some pict based books (age 9)

2012 Customised Core 4, & SOTW4, with some geography (Modern Age) (age 10)

I should also add that we've intentionally added in extra time to pause during certain chapters in SOTW and take extra time to look more indepth at: New Zealand, Australia, Scottish, and British history - because those countries in history are important to our family history.

And then the next question usually seems to be, "So what are you going to use after that?".
Well ...........I have quite a few potential plans floating around on scraps of paper, and in my head (grin) are lists of possibilities, of what we could do in 2013.
I'm waiting until we get closer to having to nail things down as children, well ours seem to, can just take an absolute mammoth leap forward in a particular area of learning.
Sometimes that can frustrate the best laid plans, sigh!
This year was a classic example with Bobs and Core 3: the books are just not a good fit for him, when I imagined, back then (when?) that it would be such a good fit for our lad.....when we got to the proposed spot to start using Core 3.

Bobs is really enjoying the books we've selected out from Core (half of) 7. And Daisy, who I thought might not be so interested in the Core 3 books, is really enjoying them.
ETA: Here is the schedule we've adjusted (adding in 1/2 of core 7/H) and are now working from.

SOTW3, Sonlight Core 3, Sonlight Core 7, Schedule with an NZ flavourIf they take a quantum leap out of next years intended history plan, arrrh - perish the thought, I may have to create a hair tearing post ..... to garner some sympathy :) and then scramble to pull one of the potential options out of the thinking pile really fast. Biblioplan always lurks at the back of my possibilities pile.  I have the downloads and ohh & ahhh over the booklists, and note down the book title ideas right off the pages I purchased :) The only thing stopping me using Biblioplan's Early Modern, &, Modern guides is that the schedules and titles are too heavily American history for us .. so we made our own.  However when we get back around to studying Ancients ......

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