16 June 2011

On Line Extras for SOTW 3 & Core 3

We're currently enjoying a 6 week run through the American Revolution and for those interested here is the hslaunch link to our notebooking pages for Story of the World Vol.3, Chapt. 22 .

For others that like online extras, Usborne Quick Links have a good line up of sites to compliment Story of the World Vol.3, starting from the "George" Kings up to Queen Victoria (the Victorian era is covered in SOTW4).

With the Usborne Quick Links, it was time for us to revisit their easy access to paper dolls (website 17) and artist/art links for the 1700's, as well as this Liberty! Road to Revolution game which will be a nice something for Bobs to go through following our week in SOTW3 Chapt:22 ~ Revolution.
Daisy enjoys studying how the woman & children are dressed in each era. Men's clothing, apparently, is just not that fun to look at, well.........apart from a few of the kings decked out in their finest, that is. smile .

With her interest in clothing styles in each era, I think she may enjoy this very introductory style side trip to a dress the person in historic clothing site .

That site will also compliment the 'complete-the-picture' notebooking art page * Daisy will putter away over while we listen to the audio mp3 of Johnny Tremain. (*Notebooking Art age can be found in the hslaunch link at beginning of this post.)


rachaelnz said...

Thankyou so much, Chelle, for your beautiful notebooking pages!
You wouldn't happen to be going to the HEART retreat would you?

Chelle said...

You're very welcome, re: the notebooking pages.

I keep looking at the HEART retreat each year, and hoping ..., and this year, again, is an unfortunate no - it always sounds so refreshing & encouraging!

Will you be attending?

rachaelnz said...

Yes, I'm going this year. I've been twice before, and it's always a real treat. The speakers are great, the meals are great, and it's so refreshing getting a weekend away.

Chelle said...

Post the HEART retreat: May you return home abundantly blessed and refreshed
(your comment makes me want to attend even more now. LOL).