08 May 2011

The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Notebooking Pages

We all enjoyed this Sonlight scheduled read aloud, though I have to say Dn and I saved our voices and enjoyed it via the audio book with the children.
On our customised, Story of the World 3 & Sonlight Core 3, schedule you'll find The Witch of Blackbird Pond slotted in on page 1c, SOTW3 chapter: 15.
(We've edited our schedule a few times since we placed that one up on hslaunch, I may have to upload the schedule we are using now).
We appreciated the character lessons and history detailed in The Witch of Blackbird Pond and so I went ahead and created a few (very plain) pages for Daisy to use to go with this book, namely: a copywork page and a colour in page.
HSlaunch: Witch of Blackbird Pond Notebooking Pages


BeachyMum said...

Hi - I linked to your blog from the SL forums last night, and have added you to my reader. Many of your posts are very interesting, and relevant to my own household. (We're in Florida.)

Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Chelle said...

Thanks, BeachyMum, for stopping by & leaving a comment - it's nice to know our ramblings could be/are of interest to others :)