09 April 2011

Time Line - Sonlight Book of Time

Since it's our last week of scheduled learning, you know the 5 weeks on - 1 week off run we do, I've got the next week set up to be our tidy-up-and-complete-various-things week.

One thing we like to do during week 5 on our schedule is to work some more on our Sonlight Book(s) of Time.
We've got all the timeline figures, that match up with the previous 5 weeks of our SOTW 3 readings, cut out and stored in a snap lock bag - then we'll go through a quick verbal review of each figure as we place them in our books.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing visuals of how you do things Chelle. It really helps.

nz hs mum

Chelle said...

:) I work better with visuals too.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea.