23 April 2011


Seems like many of our posts lately are about this topic ..... odd really, with me so science orientated (laugh.  I'm not).

Daisy has completed her Exploration Education box and is strongly encouraging Jay to 'get done' so that they can enjoy their next choice for science (Yes, it will still be part of our science boxes approach).

After comparing the various options available and since the children have enjoyed building "Billy Bones" (only seven weeks to go and Billy, picture above, is all built!!) we decided they might like to have a go with:

Complete with a notebook each, regular level and junior level,

The items are not all loose like this they have been efficiently packaged together into plastic lock bags which relate to each lesson's experiment and labelled accordingly.

Daisy wanted to get started as soon as the box arrived - since it comes complete with quite a few American sweets, (smile) such a novelty and a book you can colour in, cut, paste and create lapnotes for! I think the junior level notebook is lovely and bar the line spacing for writing (too large), this notebook is a perfect fit for Daisy to complete on her own.

We've also selected a few books to go in the children's book basket; a notable reading mention for Jay is Tiners, Exploring the History of Medicine.

I noticed that Lilliput Station have some really nice free notebooking pages to go with Exploring the History of Medicine.

I'll keep you 'posted' as we go along, how well we're all doing with this :-)


Angela said...

I wrote your blog address down, a while ago, and lost it, so I am so glad to have found it again. I love what you write here. Just a question, the Billy bones, you are making, is that a weekly magazine, I have been trying to find one. If it is would you mind telling me the publisher, or where to get it from. Thanks

Chelle said...

Hi Angela, glad you refound us :)
'Billy Bones' is a weekly magazine that we are purchasing through our local Paper Plus newsagent in NZ.
The web address inside the magazine is: www.howyourbodyworks.co.uk
The Publisher is:
RBC Coleccionables, S.A

Hope that helps some.
(our children are just enjoying building Billy so much, that the cost each week, between $12 & 15 for each magazine pack, is worth it!)

Angela said...

thanks so much, I will check our Paper Plus, we are in NZ too.

Chelle said...

It should make it easier for you then being in NZ :)
Hoping it works out sucessfully for you!

Anonymous said...

Your approach to science 'chelle, makes perfect sense to me :)
I've seen the results of your approach to science for B & D and they are stellar.

Chelle said...

Thanks for the kind comment Eliz - praying that the 'end results' are note worthy ... in the good sense :)