22 December 2010

Free Gift Tags or Cards
Someone else may be interested in using these small gift cards we've tossed together.

Simply print on a lite weight stock card, cut out each card with a stanley knife, fold, write (or get the childre to) inside & voila - all done.
We've put Peelcraft "Merry Christmas" word stickers inside each card.


Jana said...

Your blog is lovely! I hpped on over from the Sonlight Forums.

Chelle said...

Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment ... hopping over to your blog, The Summer House, now :-)

4 HIS Glory!!! said...

i came from Homeschool Launch. Love the gift tags. i have a pretty extensive collection of Victorian clip art amassed on my computer. Maybe i'll figure out how to share.

Chelle said...

Hoping you do figure out the 'how to share'!!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)