29 November 2010

Memorisation and Copywork Sheets.

We're throwing some sheets together, like the one above, for Daisy at the moment.

It's gorgeous spring weather and it's a little tough to knuckle down and get handwriting done, so I'm making some pages that will kill a few subject areas with one sheet.

I've place our sample sheet over at HSlaunch for any that may like to use it.


Shona said...

Clicked through to the download -this looks like it would be good for our next phase of hand-writing (my babes are being a bit... inattentive, is perhaps the best word).
I like the work assigned for each day in the week. It should bring structure and motivation and this could be just the thing - thank you!

Chelle said...

That'd be great Shona, if it can help someone else too. Having some structure set out is the motivator for me to actually get the task done (grin).