20 October 2010

Sonlight Core 2 & Story of the World Vol.2 - Fini, and Break Time

We're reading our last read aloud, Kildee House , that goes with Sonlight Core 2: It feels so good to be at the end of another core!!!

The mix of SL Core 2 and SOTW2 has taken us about 18months to meander our way through.

The children and I are having a nice break for a few weeks ( 3 or so) to declutter the house .. which seems to be an onging every year event with homeschooling, plant our spring garden, do a little spring cleaning, visit with friends, and just relax for a while.

Then we'll start up with 'relaxed' schooling for a bit.

The only 'formal' learning we tend to do during breaks like this is compulsory daily reading time for the children - that never stops.

They can read whatever they like, but read they must. Reading for pleasure is easy for Daisy, but Bobbi gets distracted by projects :-) even though he enjoys reading too, and so we need that set space.
Week 1 is just reading.

Then after the first weeks break, from everything, we click the music practice back on.
So Week 2 is just reading and music practice.

On about the third week we start alternating math one day, language arts the next.
(Week 3 started this week, much to Daisy's disappointment ..small laugh)
Week 3 (& Week 4) is reading, music practice, and language arts one day/math the next .

While the children have a rest from their regular schedule, so do I. No read alouds from mum unless I really feel like it. And I enjoy at least an hours leisure reading time most days too - so refreshing! And Dad is currently reading to us in the evenings.

We listen to a ton of audio books during this break time, watch educational Dvd's (our family enjoy them, so they are a pleasure - not a chore), we play a pile of board games, craft/paint/build lego, cook together, play outside and take field trips.
(Mum doesn't spend all her time cleaning, sortin' & decluttering - I like to change my pace and focus too).

And break time seems to be moving more quickly than I'd like this time around, this year has been a bit of a 'dumpy dazzler' for us ... we may just have to extend the relaxed pace for a wee while more.


Ritsumei said...

That sounds like a lovely way of easing back into things!

Chelle said...

It is nice, it just makes the ramping back up of all the subjects more relaxed... for me.