04 October 2010

Paper Dolls ... Again

Paper Dolls ... Again

I shared this post over on Sonlights' forums first, so any google readers from SL , excuse me while I repeat myself.

Before you read any further .......if you don’t have time to spare, then do not start looking through all the lovely paper dolls the creator of http://marlendy.wordpress.com/ has listed on her site.

Clicking older posts at the bottom of marlendy's word press blog site just gets one deeper and deeper in paper doll mania … ask us how we know!
Oh my. What a wonderful collection of paper dolls - Daisy and I could have spent ages, okay we did (grin), looking through post after post of paper dolls.

Imagine having all these paper dolls (see next few links) to go with SL Core 3 & SL Core 4.

Daisy would get nothing eslse done, bar paper doll school!

1830’s Ohio doll
Her clothes

Abe Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln
& her dresses:
dress 1
dress 2

1907 doll

Another doll
1 of her dresses

1 doll from the little women set

Geography doll
And her clothes

And for those that like to colour in history paper dolls that they can download and keep, be sure to check out Nadene’s Practical Pages again.


Anonymous said...

Chelle I just had to post this comment.
"you're a doll" %0)

Nadene said...

Thanks for your link to my blog and all these wonderful resources!
I have awarded you One Lovely Blog Award at http://practicalpages.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/one-lovely-blog-award/.
Blessings, Nadene

Ritsumei said...

This is such a cool idea! Would you be willing to submit this post to the Classical Homeschooling Carnival? It would be a wonderful addition.

Chelle said...

Annon ... LOL you must surely be an aust I know? :-)

Chelle said...

Thanks Nadene for the award!!
My sincere compliments back to you on your wordpress site :-)

Chelle said...

Ritsumei, thanks for the invite. Post submitted :-)