21 October 2010

George Washington Carver
Sonlight Core 4 Reader, and, Beyond Five in A Row

This book is actually one of our read alouds for Beautiful Feet History of Science , we read nearly all of the literature based books that go with that curriculum, coloured and created our time line, did 2 experiments, and crafted a few active scrapbooking pages to go with some of the scientists.

But, we saved a few books, George Washington Carver and the one about Marie Curie, to enjoy with Daisy at a later date.

Nicole Tadgell has some lovely colour in go alongs on her blog for the book she crafted the art work for, be sure to stop over and take a look.

Now that's one book that interests me, I really like picture books!

For NZ-ers bookdepository stocks this, free postage too.

I think we'll probably use some of the ideas out of our Beyond Five in a Row Manual and utilise a few of the pages I 'refound' amongst our list of links detailing a George Washington Carver Color in Book

Here and here are two other George Washington Carver colour in pages.

Edit this again ... I just found these G.W.C extras over at Garden of Praise .... and I think I may 'need' to make a lapnote page to attach this printable booklet to

And thanks to Nadene from Practical Pages she's let me know that she has these lovely copywork pages of George Washington Carvers quotes we can use.


Nadene said...

You have some lovely resources here. George Washington Carver is the most inspirational person!
We used his quotes for copywork and I created several versions of copywork pages which I shared here.

Chelle said...

Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing that link, I'll pop it up in the post ... not everyone reads 'comments'