30 September 2010

Story of the World Vol.4 Notebooking Pages
& Story of the World 4 Lapnotes

These next set of pages are generic SOTW4 notebooking pages, in so much that they can be used for any SOTW4 chapter and topic.

I'm not sure just where our children's writing finesse is going to be when we get to doing written narrations with SOTW4 & Sonlight Core 4, so I decided to toss a few options for 'line size' in there now.
Anyone interested in using our Story of the World 4 Notebooking Pages can find them over here at HSlaunch
And don't forget that other free American history notebooking pages can also be found here.
We haven't added any extra cut-n-craft or art options - they are just basic lapnote and notebooking pages.
The crafting queue for SOTW4 is in pause mode for now, yet knowing us, I'm sure I'll be making other pages to go along with SOTW4 and as Sonlight Core 4 extras when we get closer to using those curricula (smile), but this is it for the time being.

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