07 September 2009

Ancient Egypt Lapbooks

We're currently going through our treasure trove of 'things' and compiling a list of lapbooks for Core 2, so that we have the folds already to use.
I'll share those details once I've finished the list.

But that is incidental to this post :-)
Someone asked on the Sonlight Forums about lapbooks for Ancient Egypt and I thought I'd reshare our small list here for those not on the Forums.

Ancient Egypt Mini Lapbooks
Knowledge Box Central full book with samples
Hands of A Child
Handle on The Arts Shared by Mustang76 SL Forums
Homeschool Share Shared by Mazurka SL Forums

Media Fire
Homeschool Helper On Line
Lifes Not A Cereal digital scrapbooking

Evan More Ancient Egypt History Pockets we used many items from this to make our History Portfolios ‘jump to life’

Dolls & extras to add (shared before be re-linking here)
Paper Dali
Figures in Motion

Googling *Ancient Egypt Lapbook* will pull up many others.

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