15 August 2009

The History Of Science - Beautiful Feet

We're currently reading through Archimedes and the Door of Science.
(Also used in Sonlight Core 6 ).

Bobbi thinks it's very interesting (!) and Daisy enjoys the blackline pictures scattered through out and the 'dramatised' parts of the books ...
Especially the 'Eureka, Eureka' part :-)
Mini book of James Baldwin's narrating of the account in
 Chapter 5: Archimedes and King Hiero's Crown.
Here is a graph reader online game to enjoy.
We also enjoyed a 'size' side trip within that chapter (5) using

I won't detail everything we've done or used so far but here is a little...
We're utilising these 2 pages for out science history notebook using the really lovely timeline figures included in Beautiful Feets timeline pack.

We're still creating Archimedes notebooking pages while following along in BF's guide and THEN since we just like to rabbit trail a little ( grin), well.

Chapter 4: Archimedes and His Lever Sonlights ~ How do You Lift a Lion?
By Robert E.Wells
and we had Simple Machines Lapbook in our archives, imagine that. (smile)
These are easy lap-folds to use.
And for Daisy, Matter & Energy - Simple Machines pgs 249 to 267 from Evan Moor Giant Book of Science .
(Yes, we are still using that. It has been an excellent purchase for our earlier years of sicence pages.)
Daisy likes to circle and colour portion of each worksheet, mummy just shrugs her shoulders and hands the pages as Daisy asks for them.

Bobbi would rather study *more* about each idea and discuss !!!!!!! Click on the links & the PICTURE captions here.

Homeschool Share Chemistry have many wonderful links.
& some more of Jimmie's pages

Archimedes NB pages Black & White Images

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