06 July 2009

New Zealand & Australian History
Story & Clip Art Disc

I've been looking for a story based text to use for our NZ/Aust history study and ordered Janette Inghams developing text,
Our Australian Story, (click on free sample narrative to read an excerpt),
along with her
Historical & Timeline Figures (Part 1)C/D - The First 100 Years.

This is exactly what I've been looking for. :-)

A living story format for our history spine, and, the figures on the C/D tie in beautifully with the homeschool in the woods figures we've used to date.

The beauty is though, that Janette has included more than just people & places & events figures on the C/D - it also has flora & fauna!!

We'll use this C/D alongside the relevant history in Story of the World Vol. 2 then Story of the World Vol. 3 etc..

Our colour-in Daisy is going to be one happy lass!

Here are the links to; Janette's blog (for some of the ideas she has listed of how to use the figures - the lesson plan link does not open) and her purchasing site.

Janette mentioned via email ...
"I hope you enjoy the first 3 stories.
(me:  We are enjoying these first 3 stories!!
 In the book Janette details the exact figures on each page to read/colour and enjoy alongside the story styled text you are reading.
And, the story starts with the 'creation' of our wonderful southern lands).
Janette wrote on to say ....
The book continues along those lines, with questions etc to choose from at the end of each section. I think I mentioned that the book also comes with an additional page of New Zealand pictures, and tells how Australia first got in touch with New Zealand so to speak."

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Janette said...

Hi Chelle!! o/

How are you? It's Janette in Australia, I've been trying to get in touch with you about OUR AUSTRALIAN STORY ~ Part 1, the book you were waiting for but your old email adrs doesn't seem to work.

Please contact me on janetteso@mac.com and I can pass on the info you were after :).


Warmest regards, Janette