04 June 2009

Time to Talk Art ….

We are a little ‘art’ fanatical at our house :-) – but the pencil control can not always meet the expectations of what the dc think they need to achieve, so when they were younger we tended to encourage ‘clean line’ drawing (similar to the process of how to form beautiful letters for copy work) using resources like these, Dover & This.

(If you sign up for Dovers regular email they often have a free “How to draw….’ sample in their news letter line-up.)
We’ve also used a few ‘Draw Right Now’ pages to go with themes we are studying (once they are closer to 7years old).

Now that Bobbi can really work the pencil/pastels/brush we are moving on to other techniques to make his pictures come alive. Faber Castell puts out DVD's (free) to go with their art supply packs… the techniques are worth learning B U T the music and the presenters style tend to irritate us after a while.

This year, 2009, we’ve picked up and are enjoying using Artistic Pursuits
To read other Sonlighters reviews) .

Below are some of the work we’ve created using what we've learnt so far alongside Artist Pursuits program.

Our local Homeschool group had Graham Braddock come for an Art Workshop
NZ-ers, if Graham’s in your area to take an art class, go (!) if you can – you won’t regret the growth in your children’s artistic ability.
Below is Daisy's picture - remember she is only 7 , we think she did really well!

As we all know, Daisy loves to colour and is really enjoying some of Dovers beautiful colour in books - but that's another thread :-)

Creating Ancient Clay Pots

The end result of clay day for 5 children, including the children's 16 year old cousin, who is a firm favourite to include on Friday happenings.
The clay time is not so hard to host when one shrouds the dining room in newspaper :-)

Water Colour Crayons - our first attempt.
Daisy said this shows 'relections in *her* rain puddle .

So we both had a go at 'flowers through a rainy window '

Trying to work out how to use these water colour crayons.

One of the DC's earlier attempts - a la Fabre Castell style.

Bobbi's picts above - both inspired by Fabre Castell

And some :-) just have to try their hand at Charlotte's Web with Water Crayons.

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