27 June 2009

Sonlight Core 1 Extras

Sonlight Core 1 Extras

There are m.a.n.y. extras we could have added to core 1 but these were the ones we ended up using, or using portions of ...
We also used various sticker and activity books that were of interest at the time, those we haven't listed as most were puchased as end of the line sales.

We checked the links below first

I'll list the History links after the Read Alouds, but lets start with few extras for the whole core first.

And I'll add right at the top here ... for some ANCIENT HISTORY extras don't forget to go over and visit Nadene's blog, Practical Pages, for some great Sonlight Core 1 extras, some of which are ancient history paper dolls (or people as she titles them).

**For those that would like a schedule all.typed.out with extras to read and do for Sonlight Core 1, pop over to the Sonlight forums and send a private message to Xzavan, she has an amazing line up of links, books, crafts etc... to go with each week of sonlight.
Veronica (Xzavan) has her blog here.

Right now for the chapter books...
Charlottes Web -C.W HS Unit
-HOAC Lapbook use pieces for active NB pages
-(give the Dc the Charlotte’s Web Activity Books to scrawl over)
Unit Study 1
Unit Study 2

-Live & Learn Lapbook (Some good ideas to see on the preview)
-Sophie’s Masterpiece
Listen here
Our Extra Books -I Wonder Why Spiders Spin Webs
Homer Price -Beyond FIAR Fold N Learn purchase the science & fine arts FnL only
-Simple Machines Site
-Purchased a basic ‘radio kit’ for Bobbi to make with DH
-Donut Outing
-Dover coloring book incs picture of great inventors & their inventions
James Watt, Steam Engine
Alexander Graham Bell, telephone
Guglielmo Marconi, radio
Lee DeForest, radio vacuum tube
Karl Benz, automobile
Kikola Tesla, alternating current (AC power in homes) and the electromagnic coil used for long distance radio and TV transmission
Henry Ford, mass production of the auto

-Inventors & Inventions
-NZ Inventors scroll down for inventors in NZ create an Active NB Page for 2 NZ Invents
Our Extra Books -Three Cheers for Inventors by Marcia Willams
-Mechanical Harry by Bob Kerr

Mr Poppers Penguins Penguin HS Unit
We’ve covered penguins, so just revisit with the DVD
‘March of the Penguins’
And some Active NB pages - inc pin wheel, lift the flap and classification cards from here or here (God bless Jimmie!!)
Penguin Colour in NZ Penguins
New Zealand Field Trip
Maori Language Season Activities
Our Extra Books
-A Pocketful of Penguins by Molly Falla (NZ book)
-Amazing Artic Animals by Jackie Glassman (Reader) differentiate between Artic & Antartic!!!
* Use Templates to Create Artic & Antartic NB Geog Page

Heidi -Re-read & pull in extra’s page from The Apple & The Arrow (listed in core c for those interested)
-Online Heidi Ebook Heidi for copywork
-Blank Comic Strip L/A’s for J
-An Alps Map geog
Our Extra Books -The Usborne story of Heidi (Reader )
-Read the story of Barry (Five True Dog Stories) SL core k RA
-Snowflake Bentley (fiar) = snow

-HOAC Snow LB ( in our ebks 2007 file) create an active NB page .
-Take a side trip here Winter Pony (horse/snow for S).
- Re-read horse stories from James Herriots Treasury for Children (refer to Core C extras sheet for this book) .
** restart The Story of the Orchestra SL electives book while reading Apple & Arrow & Heidi . -Listen To William Tell Overture (the DC like the ‘fast’ part of the piece so much we use it as our tidy up music).
-Show this portion of the musical score
-CFK Activity Sheets go to Rossini William Tell .
Other music bits.
Some intro pieces from:
Composers & Instruments lapbook
NY Phil Orchestra - Childrens
Carnegie Hall For Children Interactive Music Site http://www.artsalive.ca/en/mus/index.asp
Identify the Instrument
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Music & Art Notebooking Pages
Orchestra Lapbook
Composers by Time Period

Mountain Born -Warm as Wool by Scott Russell Sanders (Fiar)
Enjoy ‘Jeffs’ lambs

Henry Huggins -Create a Fact File

Understood Betsy
- roads to everywhere
- Illustrations To add to Copy Work

The Year of Miss Agnes
-On our geog NB page of Alaska, USA find the area of the Athabascan village near the Koyukuk River.
- Alaska Unit
- Paper dolls scroll down for Pdolls for Daisy
- Basic NZ Sign Language
-Alaska tie- in DD reader Balto
Our Extra Books
-Very Last First Time by Jan Wallace (fiar) slight detour to Canada
-V.F.L.T Resources

Follow my Leader (dropped)

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle (dropped)
Homeschool link anyway :-)

Gooney Bird Greene Narrate “Our” own name story.
Gooney Bird 1
Gooney Bird 2
Our Goonie Bird Lapnotes new 2010
-Dress the Gooney Bird way.
-Dance to The Farmer & the dell on tip-toes (dd wanted!!! To)
-Make Chinese origami stars.

- Play monopoly

- Utilise the Atlas & dictionary at the prompts in the story.

Read the picture book ‘My Napoleon’
-On you tube we viewed: The tango, (ballet, no need), Tarantella, listened to asarabande or sarabande.
-In Our Story of The Orchestra
review winds; strings; brass; percussion and relisten to Peter & The Wolf.
- Get the dc to locate our Police Station, Hospital and Town Hall from reality to map.
- Tell about one of their life stories …

Little Pear Refer to links on Ancient China below

Extra Books

-Shen of the Sea by Arthur Bowie Chrisman
-The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen
-Tikki Tikki Tembo retold by Arlene Mosel (names meaning time again)

The Wheel on the School

Our Extra Books -The Hole in the Dyke retold by Norma Green (Reader)

-The Cow Who Fell in the Canal by Phyllis Krasilovsky (Reader)
Create an active science NB page on storks .
Detectives in Togas (Rome see Hist select below)

Missionary Stories with the Millers
George Muller (from History Books) make active notebook page
From Akebu to Zapotec
1: Read Mary Jones Bible
History selection Drive Thru History, Volumes 1-4
(We watched these at the end of Core 1 they can be slightly ‘silly’ in places :-) but are a good overview of ancient cultures and christianity).

>>Update 2010 with this blog post link - the author has a treasure trove of things to go with SOTW 1 & SOTW2.

We have blended some links in with our separate listings from
Roads to Everywhere Core 1 History
Story of the Word 1 (activity Book)
History Portfolios
History Pockets
The above extras are listed below as *** Handle on The Arts Shared by Mustang76 SL Forums

Colour in Sheets
Mr Donns 'Ancients' History Units

History For Kids
Matches up Story of the World 1 & CHOW
Extra SOTW 1 Student Pages (Free download)
We matched up SOTW 1 to schedules for History Pockets….. TeachingMom (s) schedule
* Homeschool Shares Units created after we'd finished Core 1
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Ancient China

-Artistic Pursuits Book 1 (tie in lessons to be added to each era or book listed .)
Archeologists Dig for Clues ~ Artistic Pursuits,
Lesson 18 -Art in Caves Pgs. 46-48
Ancient Egypt ~ Artistic Pursuits,
Lesson 21 – Egyptian Murals – Pgs. 53-55
Lesson 22 – Art on Floors – Pg. 56
Ancient Greece – Crete ~ Artistic Pursuits,
Lesson 20 – Art In Palaces – Fresco Painting Pgs. 50-52
Lesson 24 – Art on Pots – Greek Pottery Pgs. 60-62
Lesson 25 - Art in Tombs (near Greece) Pgs. 63-65
Ancient Near Eastern ~ Artistic Pursuits,
Lesson 19 – Art Underground Pg 49
Lesson 23 – Art on City Walls Pgs 57-59
Ancient Rome ~ Artistic Pursuits,
Lesson 26 – Art In Streets – Roman Sculpture – Pgs. 66-68
Lesson 27 – Art on Roadsides – Roman Portraits Pg. 69

-Archeologists Dig for Clues.
1: Clay Facepot create for 'arche' find
2: Learning with Music for Daisy
3:Listen To Jonathan Park audios again
4: Dinosaur dig @ Palme museum
(we also hosted our own Dinosaur Dig -sandpit- Party)
And re-enforced with
SOTW 1 ~Chapt 1 and History Pockets A/C ~Pocket 1 ***
Ancient China -What Happened Then? A first look at history by Tim Wood pg26-27 (Who invented printing?) -Why Snails have Shells: Minority and Han Folktales from China (Kolowalu) by Carolyn Han
-A Grain of Rice by Helena Clare Pittman (Refer to Sonlight Core C page)
-The Great Wall of China (Sonlight Core 1)
Ancient China Lens
-Tea at a Chinese Restaurant
*** Ancient Egypt -Egypt by Stephen Krensky (Reader)
-What Happened Then? A first look at history by Tim Wood pg 18-19 (what is a pyramid)
-Miriam by Beatrice Gormley
-The Cat of Bubastes audio C/D by Jim Weiss (bc 1250)
Colour Pages Scroll down
*** Ancient Greece -Usborne Young Reading Aesop’s Fables retold by Carol Watson (Reader )
-What Happened Then? A first look at history by Tim Wood pg 20-21 (Where were the first Olympic Games?)
Life In Ancient Greece -Galileo & the Stargazers C/D by Jim Weiss -The Trojan Horse (reader)
*** Ancient Near East & Bible Lands (list still be completed)

Ancient Roman -What Happened Then? A first look at history by Tim Wood pg22-23 (What was the Roman Empire?)
-Living in Roman Times – Usborne First History
-Roman Dolls Clothes pattern for any doll (not Barbie)
-Detectives in Togas (SL Core 1)
(a mystery set in Imperial Rome (tie in with Ancient Rome study)
1: Romans Activity Sheets
2: Rome Colour in Pages
-create an active NB l/a’s page of ‘select’ words
-SL Links scroll down this link for R/A study guides for D.I.T
We included quite a few different picture and chapter books to go with Rome one of which was
A Triumph for Flavius by Caroline Dale Snedeker
We also enjoyed these G.A Henty stories on audio book
The Young Carthiginian (220BC)
For the Temple (70AD)
Beric The Briton (61AD)
Then ended the Core with one of our very favourite audio books
The Luke Reports which we thought was a perfect cross over into the start of Core 2.


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