13 November 2008

Language Arts with Daisy (6)

Daisy is currently using Language Lessons for Little Ones 3 by Sandi Queen (& then when she's completed this book we'll be using Sonlight's LAs 1, portions of, in 2009 with her).

The 'Art work' Sandi has included for 'picture study' are really lovely.

And, if you want your child to have a deeper appreciation of poetry ~ the selection in these books are worthy, wholesome and 'rich'.

Daisy is past the reading portion of these books, so we are using SL Readers, and just enjoying the gentle amble through LA's that Sandi has provided.

We purchased our copies from http://www.queenhomeschool.com/

This year we've also enjoyed using portions of the new Sonlight Language Arts Schedule (Sounds, Letters & Easy Words).

Daisy especially liked the games, enrichment activities and certain pages of the Explode the Code (EtC) books detailed in their schedule.
See the portions of LA's K here to view what she did with the EtC books , she does the same with pages of Singapore Math ~ colour-in mania.

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