28 August 2018

52 Books in 52 Weeks ~ Pt3

Part 3:  This post contains the books, #107 to #140, I’ve read or listened through in June and July 2018. 

The number beside each book is my personal rating for the book, or audiobook, at the time of reading with the range being:
(1) = would not recommend,
(2) = some interesting aspects but not one of my recommended reads,
(3) = would recommend.
(4) = Really good, enjoyable, (or worthy) read, would definitely recommend
(5) = Excellent book, highly recommend

The next few are ongoing, sip, reads so I’m adding them here until they are finished:
A:  How the Heather Looks ~ Joan Bodger 
B: The Christian Family ~ Larry Christenson (4)
C: Christian Living in the Home ~ Jay Adams (4) 
D:  The Invisible Child: On Reading and Writing Books for Children ~ Katherine Paterson 
E:  Mere Christianity ~ C.S. Lewis
F:  The Autobiography of George Muller ~ George Muller 
G:  KJV Bible: The Book of Hebrews

(As in previous posts, I haven't included the books I'm reading for my own extra-mural studies;  and,  the titles in green are ones I pre-read as possible reads for Daisy.)  
1:  KJV Life Application Study BibleThe Books of Acts (5+) the Bible linked is lovely to use!

107:  Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust ~ Immaculee Ilibagiza, Steve Erwin (audio) (4)  N/F  Memoir  Gritty, sober, real life account.   Though I don't agree with her perspective on prayer being "postive thoughts", Immaculee’s developing relationship with God shows in sharp relief against the horror and despair happening all around her.  

108:  The Fingerprint: Miss Silver Bk30 ~ Patricia Wentworth  (audio)  (3.5) (Deeping, Lincolnshire)  Reviewed here:  https://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/miss-silver-mystery-books-patricia.html

109: The Watersplash: Miss Silver Bk21 ~ Patricia Wentworth  (audio) (3.5) (Faux English Village) Reviewed here:  https://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/miss-silver-mystery-books-patricia.html

110: Proof of Guilt: Ian Rutledge Bk15 ~ Charles Todd  (audio) (2.5)   Essex/ Norfolk/ Surrey/ Kent/ London  Others reviewers on Goodreads detail the ‘faults’ I got to navigate through this book as well; confusing collection of characters all starting with “B”, the anticipated location of one of bodies was referred to in passing – not concentrating and you’ll miss that portion being solved - and, so many loose ends made for a rather unsatisfactory read.

111: The Wonderful Mr Willughby:  The First True Ornithologist  ~ Tim Birkhead  (2) N/F (epukapuka) (Warwickshire/ Cambridge… so far)  http://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-wonderful-mr-willughby-first-true.html

112:  Evelina ~ Francis Burney   Narrated by Dame Judi Dench, Finty Williams, Geoffrey Palmer  (pub. 1778  p.455) (4)  Classic   Dorset/London/ Bristol         http://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/06/evelina-francis-burney.html

113:  A Matter of Justice: Ian Rutledge Bk 11 ~ Charles Todd,  narrated by Simon Prebble  (3)   Somerset/ Cornwall

114:  The Watsons ~ Jane Austen  (audio)  (4) Surrey    I really enjoying this story, what a shame Austen never completed it.

115:  Sanditon ~ Jane Austen (audio) (2)  Sussex (& a faux English town) I didn’t enjoy this unfinished work anywhere near as much as The Watsons.

116:  Judi Dench & Michael Williams: With Great Pleasure ~ BBC Radio 4 Variety show (poetry etc)  (4I love Charlotte Mitchell’s Just Incase poem; and when Judi Dench reads it, it’s delightful. 
(Some bawdy humour in this production, which is hard to skip on audio.)

117:  All Roads Lead to Austen ~ Amy Smith  N/F  (3-)  (this is a Latin American adventure with Austen’s books on board) 

118:  The Clock Strikes Twelve: Miss Silver Bk7 ~ Patricia Wentworth, narrated by Diana Bishop   (faux English village) (Comparing this alongside other Wentworth titles 4)  Reviewed here:  https://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/miss-silver-mystery-books-patricia.html

119:  The Benevent Treasure: Miss Silver Bk26 ~ Patricia Wentworth, narrated by Diana Bishop (4+)  Dorset (?)  Reviewed here:  https://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/miss-silver-mystery-books-patricia.html

120:  The Woman in White ~ Wilkie Collins (p.720  Chuckster) (5)  
Audible Audio, &, Free kindle   By purchasing the free kindle first I was able to procure the audio for $1.14 USD   Lancashire, Cumbria, London, Hampshire
“Our words are giants when they do us an injury, and dwarfs when they do us a service.”

121:  The Chinese Shawl: Miss Silver Bk5 ~ Patricia Wentworth, narrated by Diana Bishop (3+) faux country village/ London  Reviewed here:  https://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/miss-silver-mystery-books-patricia.html

122:  Black Sheep ~ Georgette Heyer (4) Bath   Though referred to euphemistically, quite a few adult themes in this story.

123:  Farther Afield ~ Miss Read  (2)  Imaginary English Village    My least favourite Miss Read book to date.

124:  Dominion ~ C.J. Sansom  (p.656  Chunkster)  (2-West Midlands/ Birmingham/ Hampshire/ London  Alternate WWII history. Adult content.  Lots of profanity (hard to skip over on an audio)  F-bombs and repetitious use of the c-word.

125:  And There Was Light: The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II ~ Jacques Lusseyran  (3)   N/F   France WWII (Audio  epukapuka) Much of Part 1 and 2 of this audiobook deals with Lusseyran’s personal worldview.  I enjoyed the portions that dealt with his life and experiences in WWII.

126:  Astrophysics for People in a Hurry ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson (2+)  N/F Astronomy 
A family member really enjoyed this audiobook, I enjoyed listening to them talk about it more than listening to it myself (grin).

127:  No Wind of Blame ~ Georgette Heyer  (4+) Faux Country House (wildcard) A favourite repeat listen.   Flufferton mystery, filled with all the charm of Heyer’s trademark wit.  I’ve grown into listening to Ulli Birve, she has a unique reading style which used to irritate me: It’s taken a good while to get used to Birve’s reading quirks but they no longer bother me.
Extra: A married man’s affair with a single young woman results in a pregnancy – part of the story revolves around trying to procure financial support for her unborn child. Some cursing, no profanity.

128:  A Pocket Full of Rye ~ Agatha Christie  (3+) London/ Derbyshire Repeat listen.  It’s been years since I listened to this story and I couldn’t remember who’d dunnit.

129:  The Red House Mystery ~ A.A Milne  (4+) wildcard   A BaW recommendation. Enjoyable, vintage, whodunnit.  Delightful take off of Sherlock and Holmes, penned with Milne’s humorous wit.  I dragged my ds and dd into listening to the wonderful narration by Bill Wallis.  The ending seemed to be lacking somehow, so while the audiobook slid to just under a 5* for me it is still a title I absolutely recommend to Sherlock Holmes, cosy-mystery, and, Winnie the Pooh appreciators to try.

130:  A Fearsome Doubt: Ian Rutledge Bk6 ~ Charles Todd   (3-) Kent/ London

131:  Appointment With Death ~ Agatha Christie (3+)  (epukapuka)

132:  Charity Girl ~ Georgette Heyer  (3(audio)    Hertfordshire/ wildcard “Hazelford”/ Somerset/ London/ Harrowgate, County Durham (?)

133:  Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon ~ Robert Kurson, narrated by Ray Porter & Robert Kurson  (4+) audible audio  N/F science memoirs  I found this such an interesting, and informative listen.  Getting to the moon was, and remains, hard and dangerous work.    Extra: some swearing, no F-bombs

134:  The Dog Who Was There ~ Ron Marasco  epuk audio  (3+Christian based historical fict.  Marasco penned this, seemingly, simple-toned story from the dog’s point of view.  Would make a good Easter time family read aloud.  (Not for young or sensitive children.  Barley’s litter and his mother are drowned – later in the story he is injured - he witnesses and describes executions by hanging, and, Barley recounts the things he sees at the Crucifixion.)    

135:  Sprig Muslin ~ Georgette Heyer  (4(audio) Cambridgeshire/ Bedfordshire/ London    ( Hester’s uncle, Fabian Theele, is a lecherous creep. )

136:  Latter End: Miss Silver Bk11 ~ Patricia Wentworth  free ebook  (4+)
Wildcard “Rayle” faux English village

137:  To Destroy You is No Loss ~ Joan Criddle, Teeda Butt Mam,  narrated by Christina Moore   (5) Biographical    Audible Audio   See my review here: http://tuesdaysviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/to-destroy-you-is-no-loss-joan-criddle.html

138:   Food Pharmacy ~ Lina Aurell   (epukapuka)  Some interesting recipes in this book which I’ve archived to try out later.  I’ll rate this book once I’ve tried them out.

139:  They Found Him Dead ~ Georgette Heyer  (3+)  Faux English Country House Repeat listen , this is the 1st book about the Kane family.  “Terrible Timothy” is a one of my favourite Heyer characters (-:

140:  Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions ~  Amy Stewart  (epukapuka ebook) (2.5Read ¾ then skipped to the end.  I didn’t find this as engaging as the others in the series

Part 4 can be found here

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