27 January 2018

Own Your Life ~ Podcast Series

As mentioned a few years back,  I have a real appreciation for Sally Clarkson's book Own Your  Life - the topics covered in that particular book resonated so deeply with me  - and so I was interested to see Sally is currently hosting a podcast series to go with that book.   
I'm about to listen to the 3rd in the series and am enjoying how the podcasts tie in seamlessly with the book.

I liked the content in the audiobook so much I purchased the printed book too, which then allowed me to comb through it at a slower pace. 

I don't own the study guide, nor do I have any intention of purchasing it ☺ , but I am looking forward to listening along while Sally takes those interested through her book.

You can find details for the podcasts in this post on sallyclarkson.com


Kendra said...

True confession.. I have the study guide because I bought it by accident meaning to buy the book. I also have the actual book & the audio, so excited to hear about podcasts!

Chelle said...

Hey Kendra,
Nice to find your paw print here :-)
The podcasts compliment the book perfectly .... though they could easily be used as a stand-alone source of encouragement.