22 January 2018

My Favourite Book So Far This Year

Each year I try to see if I can achieve reading/listening to 52 books in a year, and this year I've decided to stop lurking and become a contributor on The Book a Week thread that Robin hosts over on the Well Trained Mind Forums.  There are a variety of reading challenges one can aim for yet I'm doing a very basic 52 books in 52 weeks challenge with titles that I'd personally like to read.  The English mystery challenge does sound interesting though.

I'm currently going through my 13th book and this one is my favourite book, so far, for this year:
Gray Matter: A Neurosurgeon Discovers the Power of Prayer... One Patient at a Time ~ David I. Levy, M.D       N/F.   Medical/Memoir/Christian  (audiobook)  (5)  
Unashamedly Christian content. A few may find it preachy as he spends some time on a Christian approach to dealing with unforgiveness and bitterness.
More than just a collection of surgical stories, this is the surgeon’s testimony about praying over and with his patients.  This book details his own journey with faith and learning to trust God while he interacts and operates on his patients.


reader19 said...

Hello Friend!!!
My library has it and I've ordered it! How fun that you are sharing already this year! I'll have to put down my Agatha Christie books and fit this in! I'm almost done with The Moving Finger! I'm doing well after my surgery. I've especially been blessed by not having pain, only bloating/swelling in my abdomen, which makes it difficult to inhale, but, at least no pain! We are doing a study on Saul/Paul in our Sunday School class from a resource by Beth Moore called Entrusted. I am really enjoying that!!! Thanks for sharing your book idea! I might have to follow your link and see what all you guys are reading. I'm surely exhausted reading the news online each morning and need to take a break from all that mess!!! Oi. Hope your building and working project is coming along; I've been praying for that. Dd is still sick with her bug, hoping she can be more productive soon. Sending you my best hug! Tracy

Chelle said...

Lovely to find you comment here Tracy, I left a novel-length comment on your blog ..... something to do with a sweet felt bird ♥ that arrived in the post (God bless you!)
I'm delaying any more British mystery reads until I see what the reading challenge is all about on BaW. (Agatha Christie is a favourite mystery writer for me too)
Praying over your DD and, especially, you for healing.