25 January 2018

Audiobooks on Sale This Week ~ Worth Browsing

Audible has a sale on, this week only, for a collection of audiobooks that were Daily Deal titles during 2017.

Some good listening in there for those that are looking for a few bargains.

Just so you know, from the outset, I don't use affiliate links so make nothing from sharing the links to these titles,  beyond the pleasure of posting the details of a good book sale with friends.

For others that like to save extra dollars where they can - I discovered that some of the audiobooks in this sale were actually more economical to purchase via Amazon by about  .60 cents (USD)  which is .81 cents ( NZD) per book.

First up are a few I'd recommend.  I've linked to audible with the titles we already own, most of them I’ve reviewed+ elsewhere on my blog (typing their titles into the search engine on my blog should pull them up):

+The Lost World (a title I wanted to read by A.C Doyle)

Secondly,  I'm not sure of the content in the following audiobooks yet, but these are the titles I've selected out to try from this sale.  I'll update as I listen along:
The Spaceship Next Door ~ Gene Doucette    How did I end up with, what is at best, a secular,  Y/A, anti-homeschoolers?? (grin), zombie  read?  I got lured in by the narrator.  Note to self: Items on sale do not necessarily mean worthy listens.
The Oedipus Plays (drama)  audible link 

** It was more economical to purchase the kindle edition first then buy the audiobook.

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