04 November 2017

Critter Picture Post Oct 2017 ~ Cute Girl Lamb Included

I asked Rebekah if she could take some more pictures of her family's cute lamb for others to enjoy too:
Here is that adorable Girl Lamb a bit older and full of lamb styled mischief ♥
The belt that was holding her jumper on in these photos now fits as her collar (which is what it was designed for).
Too Cute!
Shrubs and rose leaves tastes SOOOO good
A kiss for the mower
Sadly, the Lamb cuteness ends there.  What follows are just pictures of a few of our pets n critters. 
Leroy, our Bichon, smiles for the camera
Chess, Seal Point Burmese. My human hops out, I jump in. Bliss

Our lambs love to play "king of the castle' on this dirt mound
Leroy waiting for his lick at the milk bowl.  Elsie purposely goes slow!

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