14 October 2017

New Zealand Birds ~ Bird of the Year Competition

Forest and Bird are running their bird of the year competition; however, for those who would just like to have a browse through the lovely bird life we have in New Zealand you can view, listen to their calls, and read a little about them, here.
2016's winner was the KŌKAKO 
As a side note, I found some of the campaigners for certain birds put me off wanting to vote for 'their' bird.  One spiel reads like a promotion for a political party, not a write up to champion the cause for  birdlife  ;-p
2017's winner is the KEA


reader19 said...

What a treat! I am really enjoying you have in this post! I can also see (hear) why the Kokako won last year! Their call reminds me of humpback whales. I hope you all are doing well and making lots of progress. I'm praying for you each day! I'm looking forward to snow...and more downtime! Sending you a big hug for your day! Thank you so much for such a fun post!

Chelle said...

I thought you might like this post Tracy. (I enjoy all your critter and country filled posts, so much.)
Thank you for your prayers!!! ... we are making progress, just slower than we'd like, and are at the stage of trying to get the house up out of the ground.
Posting this with much love.