11 September 2017

Spring Time Cuteness In New Zealand ~ 2017

The sweet lamb in this picture is being raised by some young friends.  One of Girl Lamb's human mummas, Rebekah, took these gorgeous pictures.   Enjoy...
With it being so cold newly born Girl Lamb needed her jumper on, and because she was so little it had to be secured with a belt.

Rebekah sewed Girl Lamb some new pajamas ... though a few weeks older in this picture, she still needs that extra warmth for nighttime and really cold days.


Susan said...

Chelle -- so sweet! From your old friend on the SL forums. I still think about you regularly, even if I'm a terrible correspondent.

Chelle said...

Old friends are like gold Susan!
Such fun to find your comment here .... I think I'm suffering from the terrible correspondent virus too ;-P ; and, in turn think of you and your lads so often!!
Sending my love and a sincere hello hug with this reply.

Susan said...

BTW, I think those lamb pictures need to be turned into a calendar.

Chelle said...

Excellent suggestion.... I'll let Girl Lamb's mumma's know.
Be nice to view that cuteness all year long :)

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed seeing your journey and the great books you chose.

I am very interested in seeing what your high school transcript will look like. Will it be similar to the template we are seeing recommended on the college websites or will it encompass all the wonderful things your students have done outside the box?


Chelle said...

Our highschool years transcripts have/are definitely being customised to reflect "the education" the children have received; as opposed to us just recording subjects to met a prescribed transcripts requirements.
I may generate a visual post soon - once DS has completed his educating at home journey
- so anyone else interested can see how we've recorded things too.

Thanks for stopping by Lory.