08 July 2017

My Book Basket ~ July 2017

Posting my sip reading selection for this month, and hoping that sharing my little-by-little progress through books may encourage others that have little time to read or listen to take heart and invest themselves in a sip reading approach too.

I don't always feel like reading one book all the way through, all at once, until I'm done - or I want to allow something I've read to settle and develop before I carry on with the next excerpt - so I have a few titles on the go and sip read from the one I feel like reading/listening to that day.

My book basket for July, and yes many of the titles are still in there from a few months ago.  The items I'm using for church, christian growth, or, that relate to my own academic studies are not included:

Jeremiah, and, St. John    KJV: Life Application Study Bible

New this month
Just as I Am ~ Billy Graham    audiobook 
Death Around the Bend: A Lady Hardcastle Mystery Bk 3 ~ T.E. Kinsey 

A Castle Full of Cats ~ Ruth Sanderson    Pict Book,  waiting for it to come from Bookdepository. Update: The pictures are lovely, the story line is a little lacking  ;-)   Would be a fun book to use with really little children and try to spot all the cats on each page.
A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family ~ Mary Ostyn     I've seen this mentioned on a few book sharing spots on the internet and managed to procure a reasonably priced 2nd hand copy

New titles added as July rolls along:
Elbows off the Table, Please ~ Jo Seagar   Library loan.  This is a lovely cookbook to read
Echo ~ Pam Ryan   young teens audiobook.  The extra musical performances on this are so well done. Modern times Fairy Tale, contains magic and a witch (at the start).  Available for NZ library users through ePukapuka.

Continuing from last month: 
On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature ~ C.S. Lewis  N/F
Companion reading this with Jay

The Story of Art ~ E.H. Gombrich  N/F   I think I may be sip reading this for a quite a while  ;)

The Man Who Was Thursday ~ G. K Chesterton     Classic Fiction  Available thru ePukapuka

Gift From the Sea ~ Lindberg     audio      autobiographical/inspirational
This is definitely a pause and ponder listen for me - Lindberg's philosophy is challenging me a little, to try and work out what her world view actually is -  not sure if I'm loving this or not yet ;-P
Pennies for Hitler ~ Jackie French    audio     Y/A historical fiction     Daisy may enjoy this too, even though it's written for a younger age group.   


reader19 said...

You know, I also like to sip pieces of books, let it simmer (days, weeks, months...), and go at my own pace. I just have a bit of a pile on my bedside table! I still wish I had a lot more time to read!!!

Thanks for sharing your book list with us! Sending you a big hug from Michigan!

Chelle said...

Thanks for stopping by Tracy (hugs)
I'd enjoy seeing what is in your sip reading pile ;)
I've already added another 2 books to my basket; and, wish that I had more time to dedicate to reading too..... It's just not the season in life for me to be able that (responsibly), so we sip read along.

Your 4th of July parade post, with all those lovely nature pictures, was so lovely to view.
Sending hello hugs in return,