21 June 2017

My Book Basket ~ June 2017

It's always interesting, for me, to see what other mums are reading/listening to, so I'm sharing the collection of items in my book basket for this month for others to browse through.  It doesn't mean I'll finish all these items before the end of June, I have to approach books and audios with a sip reading mentality otherwise I'd get discouraged over seldom finding time to finish a book in a short space of time.
Creating a New Old House ~ Russell Versaci    N/F
Interesting!  Library book.

Elbows off the Table Please ~ Jo Seagar    N/F
Enjoying this cookbook so far. Library book

Julie Biuso's Never-ending Summer    N/F
self inflicted misery: choose a summer cookbook to read during winter  :-D
Red Cross second hand book sale purchase.

On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature ~ C.S. Lewis  N/F
Companion reading this with Jay

The Story of Art ~ E.H. Gombrich  N/F
Red Cross second hand book sale purchase.
The Man Who Was Thursday ~ G. K Chesterton     Classic Fiction
I'm only about 3 chapters in and am waiting to see where Chesterton takes the characters in this book: still interested so I'll carry on ;-P

In Farleigh Field ~ Rhys Bowan     Mystery/Fiction
Dropped after chapter 3, just not a happening book for me. 

Death Around the Bend: A Lady Hardcastle Mystery.  bk 3 ~ T.E. Kinsey   Fiction
Pre-read for Daisy

Gift From the Sea ~ Lindberg     audio      autobiographical/inspirational
This is definitely a pause and ponder listen for me.

Pennies for Hitler ~ Jackie French    audio     Y/A historical fiction
For Daisy?

The Face of A Stranger  ~  Anne Perry     audio     Mystery/Fiction
Okay for Daisy? Nope, not at her age - very mature themes in this book.


reader19 said...

It is so interesting to see what our friends are reading! So glad you shared!!
Your books look very inviting!
Sending you a big hug this day!

Chelle said...

I love seeing what others are reading, so wanted to share some of that back.
Not sure all books on this list will remains keepers ;-p
Thanks for the hug :-D Sending one right back {{hug}}