12 December 2016

Audio Books ~ Audible Sale 12/16

We wait for the audio books sale each year and then I stock up.
Always interested to see what others recommend too.
Here's what made the purchased cut for this year...... not sure of the content on these yet so not recommending them, yet, just sharing (some of) the tiles that will appear on my reviewed book list for 2017


BBC Radio Drama
Dick Barton and the Firefly Adventure ~ Edward J. Mason, Morris West
absolute bubblegum, vintage Radio broadcast listen.  :D
Boy, &, Going Solo ~ Dahl     (the children have read the books, I haven't)

Mystery (preview for Daisy)
The Excursion Train (bk 2) ~ Edward Marston
(I was really wanting to like this one. Not a recommended listen from me :-(
 It struggles to rank a 2.  I was expecting a more gripping whodunit - and one that was heavier with railroad history - this one isn't it.   For others that like to know details like this: The story surrounds an attempted r@pe,  seems to be riddled with adulterous relationships, and the conduct of select characters with prostitutes.  A few curse words at the beginning.  My Catholic friends may not appreciate what, I felt, was a slap at the Catholic faith.  Shrug... maybe I was just in the mood to find all this books faults)
Deadly Climate ~ Richard Barth  (too much profanity for me. dropped)

Cosy Reads.  English Village
Miss Buncle's Book  ~ D.E. Stevenson  (this was the best in the series)
High Rising ~ Angela Thirkell  (Modern Classic)
 I was unsure of this one when I purchased it (enjoyed. see my review here book #40)

Bios & Memoirs

Redefining Beautiful ~ Jenna Lucado  (Christian teen)   (recommended to me listen)

Black Hawk Down ~ Mark Bowden ( 20th Cent Hist)   (too much profanity for me, returned.)
A Night Divided ~ Jennifer Nielsen (for Daisy)  rate this a 4 out of 5.  Pre-teen book
A Bunch of Sweet Peas ~ Henry Donald  Lovely little story. Recommend!
Christmas Eve, 1914 (drama) ~ Charles Olivier   (Christmas listen)
The next few I purchased after the sale - to use up credits gifted to me during the year:
Jane and the Waterloo Map Bk 13 ~ Stephanie Barron  I got this, hopefully for Daisy.  Too many mature themes in here, for her yet.  Okay listen, I'd probably rate it as a 3 out of 5.
The Brandons ~ Angela Thirkell  just so-so, wouldn't recommend

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