30 October 2014

We're Nearly There

Quick update ... I do miss my homeschooling moms/mums to chat to about books! So thought I'd post an update here on what we have left to read before Christmas, and then our NZ summer time, holidays start.

My literature-loving homeschool friends won't want to see the books we've elected to toss off the reading schedule this year, so that the school year can be completed with some grace and a sense of achievement.

Here's what we have left to read for history.
Family Read Aloud:
Luther: Biography of a Reformer ~ Nohl (Dn's nearly finished reading this to us)
John Knox: The Sharpened Sword ~ Mackenzie
Mary Queen of Scots ~ Roy Strong (N/F)
A Boy and His Bear ~ Harriet Graham
I, Juan de Pareja ~ Borton de Trevino (audio)  art study

If you are able to procure this book -  A Boy and His Bear, along with a box of tissues ☺ - I  recommend it as a family read aloud for children 10+. (Y, you may well need to read it in advance for one of yours! Sensitivity issues included in this story)
The writing is very emotive in parts, and in my opinion would make a great SL read aloud ...  An excellent Shakespearean/Elizabethan era read, and without adding any spoilers, it ends well for the boy and the bear!

The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day ~ O'Dell
A Murder for Her Majesty ~ Hilgartner (no one at our house has read this yet !)
Wicked Will ~ MacDonald
Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal ~ Reilly
Shakespeare's Spy ~ Blackwood  (Daisy enjoyed the first one in the series and was keen to read on)

Hamlet ~ Shakespeare (reading this with Greenleaf's Guide)
William Tyndale: The Smuggler's Flame ~ Rich  (Just about finished reading.  Easy reading, I know. Yet I like to include some easier titles to read when the children are working at full stretch in other reading/learning areas. English and Math are at full stretch right now for Jay)
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead ~ Stoppard (read with Greenleaf's Guide)
Rogues' Gold ~ Pilkington (Jay has elected to be the pre-reader on this title ☺)
A Single Shard ~ Park (anytime read.  elected to read it here... at the close out of the year)

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